We are proud to announce that 7GC is making its third investment from Fund II into Moonfare, as part of the Moonfare series C round led by Insight Partners.

Moonfare quickly became the global leading DTC platform for private equity, spearheading the phenomena of democratization of Private Equity today. With 75 Top Tier Private Equity and Venture Capital funds on its platform, including Khosla, Permira, EQT and Carlyle, it reaches today a community of 50,000 like-minded members and more than 3,500 accredited investors A tremendous growth profile and proposition that resonates with 7GC’s tech growth investment strategy.

7GC was amongst 40 investors in the extension, all of whom independently invested and thereby confirmed the valuation. Our investment in the company represents less than 10% of the $15M extension and less than 1% of the total Series C $140M round size.

Given that Steffen Pauls is a shareholder in both companies, he was not involved in any aspect of the transaction either on 7GC's or Moonfare's behalf to ensure a truly independent decision-making process.