Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have doubled down on their existing partnerships with  hims & hers on Accessible Healthcare.

The celebrity duo announced they are expanding their existing role with hims & hers to help make healthcare and self-care accessible to, and affordable for, those in underserved communities.

Jennifer was quoted as saying;

“‍We're always focused on providing for people who grew up the way we did. We feel like now we're in a different kind of privilege and our kids are growing up differently, but we remember what it was to grow up not being able to afford decent care.”

Today, hims and hers has a team of more than 200 of licensed physicians and nurse practitioners across the U.S., and appointment prices starting at $39 (including the cost of any medication). The company has also, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, established primary care visits available in Spanish and FDA-authorized at-home COVID-19 test kits.


Alex Rodriquez has been publicly adamant about the company’s ability to pivot to meet the needs of the public, especially in underserved communities:

“We really believe in [Co-Founder] Jack Abraham to [CEO] Andrew Dudum’s vision, the ability to execute. Anybody can have a good idea. Not too many people can execute at the level.”


Further info and official company announcement share here: link to announcement.